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More XJTAG Videos

How to speed up board development and testing with XJTAG?

Why use XJTAG to speed up test?

XJEase Library & Device Categorisation

XJEase Library &
Device Categorisation
XJEase test library,
auto-suggest, BOM to library

Basic Pin Mapping

Basic Pin Mapping

Configure XJLink2 to
communicate with your circuit

Advanced Pin Mapping

Advanced Pin Mapping

Multi-TAP, custom voltage settings

Overview - Part 1

Part 1 - Overview
XJTAG & XJAnalyser

Real-time visual JTAG analysis
and debugging

Overview - Part 2

Part 2
Intro - XJDeveloper

Advanced graphical interface to
setup and run tests

Overview - Part 3

Part 3
Intro - XJRunner

Run-time environment optimised
for production