Free hands-on boundary scan/JTAG training webinar, online workshop

Free Hands-on Online Workshop: Fast & easy hardware testing with JTAG Boundary Scan

Free hands-on online workshop

Fast and easy hardware testing with JTAG Boundary Scan

In this highly technical 2-3 hour online JTAG training course, our experts will provide you with a hands-on introduction to JTAG boundary scan, using real hardware.

You will learn to create and run diagnostic tests from your PC without needing physical access or custom functional test development. During the workshop exercises you will have remote access to XJTAG’s full Test Developer Pro system connected to demo hardware.

All you need is a web browser. No prior knowledge of JTAG is required.

Who should attend? Engineers working in PCB design, development, test and manufacturing.

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What you will learn

Introduction to JTAG – Concepts, Tools & Design-for-Test

Learn the basics of boundary scan and how you can use it right across the product life-cycle to improve designs, reduce re-spins and enhance test coverage, fault diagnosis and production yields on complex high-density electronics.

Interactive workshop and Q&A

  • How to communicate with the JTAG chain
  • Tools to interact with JTAG devices (e.g. FPGAs, CPLDs or processors)
  • Introduction to board testing using the JTAG chain
  • How to describe a circuit in order to enable JTAG testing
  • Fault finding abilities of a JTAG connection test
  • How to test non-JTAG elements of a board design using boundary scan


In the second half of the JTAG training session, our expert test engineer will walk you through hands-on exercises teaching you how to set up basic JTAG tests on your board. No prior knowledge of JTAG is required.

You will have remote access to XJTAG’s full Test Developer Pro system (including software tools and JTAG controller) connected to demo hardware to give you the experience of developing and running boundary scan tests.

XJTAG hands-on webinar remote demo board

Webinars are free to attend, but places are limited to 15 seats per session.   Reserve yours today

(Places subject to availability and at the discretion of XJTAG.)

Join us to find out if boundary scan is right for you and your company. Discover how to:

  • Quickly find and fix open & short circuit faults at a lower cost
  • Check JTAG devices, memories, logic & digital peripherals
  • Reduce test development time/costs & shorten test cycle times
  • Confidently prove that your board has been correctly manufactured

Very much enjoyed the workshop. If only all the free one-day workshops could be as useful, relevant and information-packed as XJTAG’s! Having the tools and hardware to play with was invaluable.

Peter Sarginson, Digital Design Engineer, Broadcast Sports International

What results can I expect?

Here are some of the results that have been achieved using XJTAG boundary scan

500% Faster Test Per Board

~90% Test Coverage

90% Reduction of Failed Boards