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Once you have registered for an account you can download the XJTAG software.

In addition to the latest release you can also access our download archive for older versions.

DFT Guidelines

Using our Design-for-Test Guidelines, you can make sure that as much of your circuit is testable with JTAG as possible.

XJEase Example Code

Example XJEase files for a range of non-JTAG device types installed with the XJEase Library.

Includes code for the XJDemo board, as well as Ethernet loopback, Video, Memory tests, etc.

Signal Integrity in Test Fixtures

Article on how to ensure optimum signal integrity by using twisted pair cables in order to prevent issues caused by large loop areas.

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XJTAG support has been phenomenal. The personal assistance provided to guide us through the process and help us configure our more complicated PCBs was above and beyond normal expectations.

James Wellington, System Analyst – The Logical Company

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XJTAG’s support engineers have excellent credentials, and are communicative and accessible. With their help, we have established consistent test processes that are not dependent on the skills of individual users.

Brendan Townsend, Manager, Hardware Test – CSR