XJTAG Support


Find answers to your questions about Evaluating, Installing and Licensing XJTAG. If you have a question that isn’t covered, please Contact Support

XJEase Example Code

Example XJEase files for a range of non-JTAG device types. Includes code for the XJDemo board, as well as Ethernet loopback, Video, Memory tests, etc.

XJEase Library

Get boards running quickly with the installed XJEase library.


Once you have registered for an account you can download the XJTAG software. In addition to the latest release you can also access our download archive for previous versions.

If you had a support account on the old XJTAG website (before June 2016), you need to re-register and your new account will be activated by our team ASAP.

Learn about JTAG

We have a range of resources to help you learn about the background of JTAG, how it can be used in many different ways, and details about its implementation.

DFT Guidelines

Using our Design-for-Test Guidelines, you can make sure that as much of your circuit as possible is testable with JTAG.

Product Datasheets

Download product information and brochures in various languages.