JTAG Boundary Scan Test Systems (IEEE 1149.1)

Free XJTAG Boundary Scan Workshops

The full-day sessions are designed to provide design, development, test, and production engineers with a practical hands-on introduction to JTAG boundary-scan.

Introduction to JTAG – Concepts, Tools & Design for Test (DFT)

Find out how boundary scan can be used right across the product lifecycle to improve designs, reduce respins and enhance test coverage, fault diagnosis and production yields on complex BGA-populated circuits. The workshop outlines the following:

  • Overview of the IEEE 1149.x standards
  • How to communicate with the JTAG chain
  • Tools to interact with JTAG devices, such as FPGAs or BGAs
  • Introduction to board testing using the JTAG chain
  • How to describe a circuit in order to enable JTAG testing
  • Fault finding abilities of a JTAG connection test
  • How to test non-JTAG elements of a board design using boundary scan

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XJTAG workshops worldwide

Very much enjoyed the workshop. If only all the free one-day workshops could be as useful, relevant and information-packed as XJTAG's! Having the tools and hardware to play with was invaluable.

Peter Sarginson, Digital Design Engineer
Broadcast Sports International


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Boundary scan training worldwide

We are running workshops in a number of countries depending on demand. Past workshops were held in China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey and the USA. If you are interested in attending a workshop in your area, please fill out the form above and indicate your proposed location.