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Productronic (Germany) – November 2017

Correction before hardware – Free of charge PCB testing tool

XJTAG has developed a testing tool in collaboration with PCB EDA vendors Altium, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Zuken. The result is DFT-Assistant, enabling early correction of ‘Design For Test’ errors before any hardware is produced.
XJTAG Article in Productronic
New Electronics – October 2017

Getting it right at the design stage

JTAG is implemented in CPUs, programmable devices and the other ICs that typically form the heart of any electronic product; however, its potential is often overlooked. Until now, design tools didn’t include any way to verify the JTAG system at the design stage. For the first time, engineering can validate proactively the test access to their designs from within their CAD application and before any hardware is produced, preventing costly respins and delays.
Article in New Electronics - XJTAG DFT Assistant
U.S. TECH – July 2017

Beyond Debug: XJTAG for Flash Programming and Board Test

The JTAG standard defines an electrical and physical method for connecting JTAG-enabled devices on a PCB, or across multiple PCBs. However, the technology behind the interface differs significantly from a standard communications interface. JTAG effectively turns every pin on the device into a virtual test point, accessed electronically, which is extremely useful for debugging a prototype board. These virtual test points, accessible without a dedicated test fixture, mean that even first prototypes can be tested using JTAG, on a bench or even by the manufacturer.
XJTAG News Article in US Tech July 2017
U.S. TECH – March 2017

JTAG Integrated with PCB Design Tools Broadens Capabilities

Many engineers think that JTAG is simply an interface for inserting breakpoints to debug the software running on a CPU. It may surprise them to learn that JTAG is included in many integrated devices that do not have a debug interface. While this includes FPGAs and CPUs, it also extends to memory, communication interfaces and even general logic devices. JTAG is so prevalent that in the majority of designs there will be at least one JTAG device on a board, and even a single JTAG-compliant device can be enough to make significant test coverage possible. Boundary scan is not limited to testing JTAG-enabled devices, however ...
XJTAG News Article in US Tech March 2017
Connecting Industry Electronics – March 2017

Altium Designer integrates XJTAG boundary scan expertise to boost PCB testability

The Altium Designer PCB development environment has powerful features that help engineers manage their designs from schematic to product. Altium sought XJTAG’s expertise in boundary scan to extend Altium Designer with Design-For-Test features that enable designers to find and correct errors and harness boundary scan’s power to maximise testability.
XJTAG DFT Assistant for Altium Designer extension

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