Faster, More Efficient IoT-Device Testing with XJTAG Boundary Scan

IoT.nxt case study

Intelligently conceived IoT applications can unlock great efficiencies and insights for businesses. The framework created by South African innovator IoT.nxt combines powerful software with the multi-functional Raptor™ intelligent edge platform to maximise value for clients. XJTAG’s effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use proved critical for cost-effectively developing the hardware in-house.

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The excellent test coverage XJTAG achieves allows you to reduce the cost of test fixtures and XJTAG tests can be reused on multiple hardware designs, which saves immense time and resources.

What takes months of development time for traditional testing methods takes less than a week using XJTAG. There is no need to work out a test solution, you simply describe the components on the board and how to interact with them. When we connect the XJLink2 controller, XJTAG manipulates the pins on all devices it can reach. It’s like inserting hundreds of little probes all over the circuitry.

Jaco Olivier, Embedded Team Leader & Willie Visage, Embedded Developer – IoT.nxt

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