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Verify your Design before hardware is ready

Using XJTAG’s Design for Test (DFT) Guidelines, you can include boundary scan (JTAG) in your designs, from the very beginning of the design process. This will ensure the maximum test coverage for all devices, whether or not they comply with the JTAG standard.

Improve circuit board testability and reduce project risk

The process of testing can begin as soon as you have a circuit design. You can easily verify that the JTAG chain is correctly routed and that you have all the necessary access from the JTAG devices to test the non-JTAG devices on your board.

You can reduce the number of test points in your circuit board designs as JTAG gives you direct access to the pins on your BGA devices. This can reduce the physical size of the board and make layout easier.

As you refine your design, our circuit analysis utilities allow you to achieve superior test coverage when your design moves into the later stages of prototyping, manufacturing and servicing. As your design develops, XJTAG automatically handles any netlist changes for you, adapting to the new circuit connections.

Develop flexible, reusable JTAG tests

Prepare boundary scan tests with speed and ease thanks to the device-independent nature of XJTAG. The tests for a non-JTAG device are written for that device, regardless of the rest of your circuit. This allows you to reuse the tests whenever you reuse that type of device – in the same circuit, or on a different project.

You also have all the advantages you would expect from a high-level programming language — variables, loops, conditional execution, function calls and much more. You can interact with your board in real time, not just “set and check” values. XJDeveloper’s built-in test editor makes writing these tests fast and simple.

Free Test Library

A large number of standard tests are included in the FREE Test Library.  Even if you are new to boundary scan, it is possible to create a fully functioning test system with no extra programming.

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