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Once you have enough components fitted to create a JTAG chain, you can use the powerful graphical tool, XJAnalyser for real-time circuit visualisation or the XJTAG Chain Debugger to verify your chain’s integrity.  You can then trace signals around your board, program devices, and even run a full set of connection and functional tests with XJTAG software.

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Your XJDeveloper project from the design phase can be used straight away to test the full functionality of your board without the use of test fixtures.  Start with the built-in Advanced Connection Test, which is able to test a higher percentage of a circuit than most other JTAG solutions and can provide the location and precise nature of any faults that are found. You can then move on to programming and testing more of the board as you build up your prototype, using the XJIO Board to test more of your circuit.

XJDeveloper instantly adapts to any changes you make, including mod wires and unfitted parts, and allows you to run complex tests such as Ethernet loopback.

Many tests for non-JTAG devices can be downloaded from the XJTAG support pages. It’s also easy to create your own, or customise the tests to your own requirements.

Cut weeks off prototype debugging

XJAnalyser‘s intuitive graphical interface allows real-time interaction with the devices in the JTAG chain without programming or booting any devices on your board. Setup is fast and simple and it’s only a single click to read or write pins and busses.

You can generate toggling signals to trace connections or verify shorts and opens. Programming devices using STAPL / JAM or SVF files is also quick and easy.

Get going with XJAnalyser with a new board in just a few minutes. Watch the XJAnalyser demo

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