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XJTAG supplies a range of high-performance JTAG boundary scan controllers and test extension hardware products. These work with all XJTAG software, offering a fully integrated development environment for rapid test generation, real-time debug, production test execution, In-System Programming.

JTAG Controllers — to connect your PC to the Unit Under Test (UUT)


XJTAG Expert ADF-2

USB JTAG controller + ‚scope
  • XJLink2 compatible
  • Built-in digital oscilloscope
  • Waveform & function generator

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XJLink2 USB JTAG Controller


Kontroler JTAG USB
  • 4 TAP porty, multi-voltage
  • Lekki i przenośny
  • Konfigurowalne portu JTAG

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PXI-XJLink2 USB JTAG Controller


PXI JTAG controller
  • XJLink2 compatible
  • Fits into a PXI rack for LabVIEW, LabWindows or test stand integration

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XJQuad multiport JTAG Controller


4-port version of XJLink2 for volume manufacture testing

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XJLink2-3070 - BST and JTAG programming combined with SPEA 3030 ICT


Integracja XJLink2 dla urządzeń SPEA 3030 ICT machines

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XJLink2 3070 - BST and JTAG programming combined with Keysight (Agilent) i3070 ICT


Integracja XJLink2 dla urządzeń Keysight (Agilent) i3070 ICT machines

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XJLink2-CFM JTAG Controller hardware for Teradyne TestStation

XJLink2-CFM & CFMx

XJLink2 integration into Teradyne TestStation ICT machines

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XJLink JTAG Controller for legacy support


Legacy project support
  • Single TAP, single voltage

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Test Extension Hardware — If you have a specific requirement, please contact us

XJIO I/O Expansion Boards


  • A range of digital & analogue I/Os
  • Switches, LEDs, RS232/UART
  • ‚Black box’ testing for non-JTAG compatible boards

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