XJLink — Legacy USB JTAG controller

The XJLink is a legacy device that is not recommended for new projects. XJTAG recommends the XJLink2 JTAG controller.

  • Small, lightweight, portable design: ideal for lab and field work
  • Self-contained licence so you can use the XJTAG system on multiple PCs
  • Re-configurable unit for multiple UUTs saving costs

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  • Handles different cable and board configurations
  • USB bus-powered (no external PSU)
  • TCK clock frequencies up to 50 MHz
  • High speed USB 2.0 interface, backwards compatible with USB 1.0 & 1.1
  • Adjustable JTAG signal termination
  • Spare pins can be used to control other items — e.g. hold a board in reset / turn on a PSU
  • Automatic signal skew control
  • Can supply power to the target board through the JTAG connector (3.3 V, <100 mA)
  • JTAG signals are +5 V tolerant
  • Simple DLL API interface: includes commands such as tmsReset() irScan() drScan() etc.


Your test system where you want it

The XJLink contains the license for your XJTAG system. This allows you to easily move your licenses around on and off site to give you maximum flexibility. This also means you aren’t tied to one machine to do your XJTAG testing.

Configurable JTAG interface

Only a simple cable assembly is required to connect to your target board — no extra adapters needed. The 20-way connector on the XJLink is configurable from your test system.

The ability to change the pinmap for the JTAG signals simplifies the process of connecting your XJTAG test system to the Unit Under Test.

Light & portable

The XJLink can work with a laptop PC with a USB port and can supply power to low-power target systems, so testing can be done even without a source of mains power. This is especially useful if testing has to be done in the field or in a very busy lab.

Advanced connectivity

The XJLink has variable signal termination, so it can handle boards both with and without signal termination. The advanced auto-skew control enables you to get the maximum frequency out of your JTAG chain and cable.

Simple DLL API interface

The hardware can be sold separately from the software, with a simple-to-use DLL API interface. We can craft the API to meet whatever needs you have for the system.

The API header file is available for download: XJAPI.h

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