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Shorten debugging and repair time

Speed up test development by reusing tests from the design and prototyping stages with XJRunner, the specialised low cost run-time JTAG testing environment for manufacturing.  XJRunner adds a range of extra features as well.  In one user-friendly package, you have connection testing, in-system programming, functional testing, serial number handling and configurable log files for your audit trail.

No more accessibility problems with fine-pitch or BGA devices

Using just the JTAG test access port (TAP), you can run a full set of XJTAG tests on your boards. To track down intermittent faults, you can repeatedly loop tests until the failure occurs.

You can now move on from inconclusive X-ray inspections and instead be certain that the devices are free from opens and shorts, including direct inspection of the signals. XJAnalyser will give you precise, easy-to-read diagnostic results for faster repair.

With the XJIO Board, you can further increase the test coverage, verifying signal connectivity right to the edge of the circuit board and even check power rail levels.

In-system circuit board configuration

As part of your XJTAG testing you can configure your boards by programming the JTAG devices, Flash memories and configuration ROMs in-system. Using a PLD on the board, you can program Flash memories at very high speeds with XJFlash.  XJRunner’s advanced serial number handling and configurable log files give you easy control over the state of your production processes.

Flexible, portable JTAG solution

Your licence is held in the hardware interfaces and allows you to connect your computer with your circuit.  With the compact XJLink2 USB-JTAG controller, you can take your XJTAG test system with you whereever you go.  With automatic skew control, you can use longer cable lengths, making environmental testing a reality.
The XJQuad multiport controller will enable you to run tests on four circuits simultaneously, connecting to up to four TAPs on each target board.
The PXI modules allow the integration of XJTAG into PXI-based test systems.


XJTAG boundary scan can be used as a stand-alone test system or it can be integrated into your existing test equipment, offering you the combined benefits of both boundary scan and the traditional methodologies.

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