XJTAG provides a ‘quantum leap’ in students’ understanding of boundary scan testing

  • XJTAG Worldwide University Programme provides leading commercial-grade JTAG testing systems at special discounted price
  • SUPSI University of Applied Science benefits from XJTAG’s boundary scan solution

Cambridge, England, 10th January 2012 — XJTAG’s boundary scan technology has contributed to a “quantum leap” in the learning experience of students at SUPSI, The University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland, according to Paolo Ceppi from the Department of Innovative Technologies.

The university, which prides itself on bridging the gap between scientific development, education and real world applications, is working with XJTAG through its Worldwide University Programme, in order to introduce students to commercial-grade IEEE 1149.X JTAG compliant boundary scan tools.

“XJTAG is now being used for both our practical demonstrations and laboratory exercises and has given our students a ‘quantum leap’ in their enhanced learning experience,” says Paolo. “To help develop local expertise on the technology, XJTAG is also supporting student projects. This professional approach from the company, with its swift and continuous support, is certainly appreciated.”

Paolo says that the university, which is using XJTAG as part of its microelectronic courses to teach students about boundary scan, was very impressed by the friendly user interface of XJTAG, with its easy set up and test, and clear test results.

The XJTAG development system is being used directly as a teaching resource and is supplied with demonstration hardware, tutorials, comprehensive documentation and online support. XJTAG can achieve a high level of test coverage on boards containing both JTAG and non-JTAG devices. FPGAs, SDRAMs, Ethernet controllers, video interfaces, Flash memories and microprocessors are some examples of the types of devices that can be tested. XJTAG is supplied with an extensive library that contains tests for thousands of devices. These tests are written in XJEase, a high level test description language that makes it easy to write or customise test routines. Tests are written from the device’s perspective and can be reused in any circuit without additional work.

SUPSI’s Department of Innovative Technologies is using XJTAG to teach students how to write and customise tests for boards containing microcontrollers, FPGAs, sensors and RF transceivers.

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About XJTAG (www.xjtag.com)

XJTAG is a leading supplier of IEEE Std. 1149.1 compliant boundary scan development tools. Its JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) development system offers a highly competitive solution for designers and developers of electronic circuits. XJTAG allows the circuit development and prototyping process to be shortened significantly through early test development, early design validation, fast development of functional tests and test re-use across circuits that use the same devices. XJTAG is based in Cambridge, UK, and is part of the Cambridge Technology Group.

XJTAG Worldwide University Programme

XJTAG’s University Programmes give full access to the XJTAG software development platform at special discount price for universities and academic institutions, aiming to help teach students using state-of-the-art JTAG boundary scan tools.

About SUPSI (www.supsi.ch)

The University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) is the only Italian-language institution of the 7 Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. The university focuses on education based on professional needs and applied research. SUPSI is noted for providing advanced learning opportunities to individuals who have already gained some professional experience and who continue to operate in a professional capacity. SUPSI offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses alongside continuing education programmes. It also conducts applied research projects in collaboration with companies and institutions within the region. The Department of Innovative Technologies (SUPSI-DTI) is responsible for the science of applied engineering, the industrial sector, and technology and information services – both for training and research purposes.

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XJTAG Worldwide University Programme  XJTAG Worldwide University Program  XJTAG Worldwide University Program

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