Network Licensing

What is Network Licensing?

Network licensing is an alternative to Hardware licensing. It allows access to your XJTAG software from anywhere on your network – it means the tools can be used wherever and whenever you need them, helping improve productivity and efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Improve productivity and efficiency by having access to XJTAG when and where it is required
  • Minimise expenses by removing the need for fully licensed systems for every production line and design engineer
XJTAG Network Licensing

Why choose Network Licensing?

Network licensing is an easy and cost-efficient way to manage your company’s XJTAG licences on a local and global scale. It allows your business to maximise the usability of your XJTAG products, which will be available anywhere in the world, without the restriction of having to move units between locations.

Minimise cost

If you have multiple production lines or development groups for different products you don’t need to have licences for each of them. You can simply buy enough seats to cover the maximum required at any one time and transfer the test capability as required.

Maximise usage

Maximise the usage of XJTAG in your organisation by being able to easily share the software between different teams. Whether in a neighbouring room, a nearby site or another country, the same tools can be shared between development and production.

How does it work?

XJTAG software licences can be held on a network licence server or in the JTAG controller that is used to connect to the board that is being tested. While there is significant portability offered by holding the licence in a small JTAG controller unit such as the USB XJLink2, it is extended still further using network licensing. Anyone who needs an XJTAG licence – from the design engineer to the repair technician – can check it out from the server and run the software they need.

If you are working without your target hardware you can use a network licence to set-up your tests without having an JTAG controller connected.  Then to run the tests connect an unlicenced JTAG controller and the network licence can be used to execute them. Once you close the software and stop using the licence it is released back to the server and can be used elsewhere in your organisation.

Keeping licences on the network server means that they are no longer tied to a particular location. The test capability offered by XJTAG can be accessed by any user in your organisation*.

*A JTAG controller is needed for board interaction.

What do we use?

XJTAG network licensing is managed by Flexera Software using their FlexNet Publisher (formerly called FLEXlm).

FlexNet Publisher and FLEXlm are trademarks of Flexera Software.

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