Featured Capabilities

Advanced Connection Test

XJTAG will test a higher percentage of your circuit than most other JTAG solutions.
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3rd Party Integration

Integration support for all of the major test executives, as well as proprietary systems (LabVIEW™ , LabWindows™ , ATE …)
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Fast Flash Programming

External flash memories can be programmed indirectly at high speed via their connection to JTAG devices.
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Layout Viewer

Shows the physical location of circuit elements as well as any faulty nets found during tests.
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Schematic Viewer

Shows circuit functionality whilst developing or debugging tests.
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Waveform Viewer

Shows a live and correlated view of JTAG chain data as digital waveforms.
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XJDemo Board & Tutorials

Fully populated demonstration board and tutorials help you to develop your first XJTAG test system.
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JTAG Chain Debugger

Investigate and resolve problems where the JTAG infrastructure is not working correctly.
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BSDL Editor

View and edit BSDL and custom cell type package files within XJDeveloper.
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Testing with no netlist

Even if you don’t have connectivity data for a board, you may still be able to repair it.
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Network Licensing

An easy and cost-efficient way to manage your company’s XJTAG licenses (alternative to Hardware licensing).
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Licences for Multi-Board Testing

When you’re testing multiple boards in parallel, using auxiliary XJLinks can give considerable cost savings. Learn more »


External DLL calls allow you to access the functionality of other programs or test equipment from within an XJTAG test system.
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