Fast Prototype Board Bring-Up & Debug

Benefit from manufacturing-level debugging and testing capabilities on your development bench.
Deliver proven, high-quality circuit boards faster and more cost-effectively with XJTAG’s integrated test development environment.

Develop Tests in Hours, Not Days

Test more of your prototype, sooner, using the built-in library of tests and easy-to-use test development environment. Start running tests within minutes of applying power to your board, even before it is configured through firmware.

XJDeveloper, XJTAG’s integrated development environment (IDE) takes you through the steps needed to create and execute an assembly faults test, as well as validate the function of many non-JTAG-enabled components from LEDs to a DDR4.

The intuitive IDE makes component identification quick and simple. Once identified, functional tests can be selected from the extensive built-in library or developed using XJTAG’s simple test development language, XJEase.

Using XJTAG you can rapidly:

  • Run an interconnection test in a development environment
  • Select functional tests from the built-in library
  • Develop custom tests to prove your design

Relevant Features:
XJEase Advanced Connection Test

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Test without Firmware

Start testing your hardware long before the software is ready. You can begin validating your PCB, using XJTAG’s Boundary Scan products, as soon as power can be applied.

Test complete or partially populated boards; sub-systems such as a processor and its memory can be tested without the need for a single line of code.

Fault-finding non-booting boards is simple using XJTAG. With XJDeveloper you can customise and single-step through functional tests to pinpoint faults quickly, while maintaining total control over the hardware without the need for any firmware.

Using XJTAG you can easily:

  • Validate your hardware before software is available
  • Test your prototype earlier
  • Find faults on non-booting boards

Relevant Features:
Layout Viewer Schematic Viewer

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Achieve Superior Test Coverage

You can quickly find more shorts, opens and other manufacturing faults with the advanced interconnection test and built-in library of functional tests for non-JTAG devices. While most JTAG systems can find common short- and stuck-at faults, using XJTAG you can also find open-circuits, missing pull-up/down resistors, or shorts ‘hidden’ behind resistors, as well as testing connections through logic devices.

Access more of your board by combining the power of Boundary Scan with the flexibility of XJTAG’s test methodology. All the models in the built-in library are written in an easy-to-learn test development language, XJEase. Source code for the models can be viewed and modified, allowing you to use them as the starting point for creating custom functional tests

Using XJEase is simple and can significantly extend test coverage to include any number of non-JTAG-enabled devices. XJTAG provides extensive tutorials, which include exercises based on the demonstration board provided as part of a free 30-day trial.

Using XJTAG you can progressively:

  • Run tests from pre-validated models
  • Extend your test coverage
  • Create custom tests from existing models

Relevant Features:
XJEase Advanced Connection Test

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Debug Boards Faster

XJTAG’s products give you full access to the capabilities of Boundary Scan to provide greater visibility of the state of your board. Precise fault isolation and diagnostics are part of our technology, reporting the type of fault found, the nets and pins involved and their location on the layout and schematic diagram.

While most JTAG systems can find short- and open-circuits or stuck-at faults, XJTAG’s advanced interconnection test can also find missing pull-up/down resistors, shorts ‘hidden’ behind resistors, as well as testing connections through logic devices.

XJTAG’s products dynamically create a test pattern each time a test is executed. The generated patterns automatically reflect any modifications made to a prototype board, from applying a mod wire or cutting a track to updating the entire netlist.

Using XJTAG you can effectively:

  • Find more faults, quickly
  • Easily incorporate design changes
  • Rapidly isolate faults

Relevant Features:
Layout Viewer Schematic Viewer

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XJTAG can also save valuable time and money on the production line. Read about using XJTAG for Manufacturing Test & Programming

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